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Ranked-Choice Voting News Roundup - February 2024

by Staff

Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we highlight the top stories surrounding ranked-choice voting—both opposing and supporting—throughout the nation.

Week of February 11

Popular Vote Compact Collides With Ranked-choice Voting

Real Clear Policy | February 16, 2024

In their never-ending quest to remake American elections, two “progressive” reforms have come into conflict. Ranked-choice voting is one, with two states set to use it for presidential elections and a few others considering it. Meanwhile, many blue states have joined the National Popular Vote interstate compact in an attempt to nullify the Electoral College.

The problem is that ranked-choice voting makes nonsense of the popular vote plan.

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Utah lawmakers advance bill to drop ranked choice voting

Fox 13 Salt Lake City | February 13, 2024

A House committee advanced a bill that seeks to abandon a pilot project to try ranked choice voting in the state.

The House Government Operations Committee voted 7-4 to support House Bill 290, which would repeal ranked choice voting in cities across Utah. The pilot project, which allowed municipalities to opt in to use the alternative form of voting, would have run until 2026. Under HB 290, it would end this year.

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Oakland group aims to get rid of ranked-choice voting

The Oaklandside | February 12, 2024

A group of Oaklanders, including Council member Noel Gallo and former Council member Loren Taylor, are seeking to overhaul Oakland’s electoral system.

Gallo and two other Oakland residents—Carol Wyatt and Martha Shin—informed the City Clerk in early January that they intend to circulate a petition for a ballot measure that would eliminate ranked-choice voting from Oakland elections, returning the city to the system of primary and general elections that were used prior to 2010. This change would affect elections for all eight City Council seats, all seven Oakland Unified school board seats, mayor, auditor, and city attorney.

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Week of February 4

State Republicans Move to Ban ‘Ranked Choice Voting’

News Talk 1480 WHBC | February 7, 2024

Voters basically rate the candidates from most- to least-preferred. That’s not how voting works in Ohio, of course. But some lawmakers want to make sure it never happens here.

There’s a bill that’s been introduced in the state Senate that would ban Ranked Choice Voting.

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Maine Republicans won’t recognize ranked choice voting in presidential primary

Central Maine | February 7, 2024

The Maine Republican Party says it won’t recognize ranked choice voting in the March 5 presidential primary, adding another layer of complexity to an already confusing election.

The position also puts the state party at odds with former President Donald Trump’s lawyers, who argued in legal briefings that Maine’s use of ranked choice voting could help preserve the integrity of the election in the event he is disqualified by the courts.

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Hayden Ludwig: Alaskans take note that Georgia has seen the light on ranked-choice voting

Must Read Alaska | February 5, 2024

Credit Georgia Republicans for seeing the light: Ranked-choice voting is a trojan horse for flipping red states blue and must be banned immediately.

“Ranked-choice voting is designed to cause confusion and fatigue among voters,” Lt. Gov. Burt Jones recently observed, adding that “this type of voting system [is] pushed by dark money groups.” The Senate agrees, advancing a bill (SB 355) that would ban ranked-choice voting (RCV) in Georgia.

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Week of January 28

75 bills introduced in legislative sessions so far on RCV

BallotPedia News | February 1, 2024

Republican legislators have introduced new ranked-choice voting (RCV) prohibitions in five states so far this year. These efforts come after Republican-sponsored bans were approved in three states last year.

The number of active bills supporting RCV continues to outnumber those banning or repealing its use.

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CRC on Ranked-Choice Voting and United for Democracy

Capital Research Center | January 31, 2024

Scott Walter, president of the Capital Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, compared ranked-choice elections to “putting the votes in a blender.”

He said the method does not honor the will of the majority of the electorate but does the bidding of wealthy megadonors, most of them liberals, who want to eliminate hard-right conservative and fringe liberal candidates from public office regardless of their popularity with voters.

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AMAC Action Ramps Up Anti-RCV Activity In Georgia Legislature

AMAC | January 29, 2024

AMAC members have made their position on election integrity crystal clear. They want safe and secure elections. They understand how their sacred right to vote has been bravely fought for and handed down from generation to generation and recognize that it must not be taken for granted. AMAC members view free and fair elections in the United States as embedded into the very fabric of our constitutional republic. They believe American elections are the standard of democracy and a model for other nations in the world to mirror.

This viewpoint explains the membership’s fervor in opposing the ranked-choice voting scheme (RCV). AMAC members rightly understand that this unnecessary, complicated voting method is a serious threat to our election process and have instructed AMAC Action to fight it in states throughout the country.

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New ballot setup backed by liberal megadonors is changing the outcomes of American elections

The Washington Times | January 29, 2024

Ranked-choice voting, which helped Democratic candidates win Republican-leaning House seats in Alaska and Maine, is expanding in the U.S. despite criticism that it disenfranchises voters and can elect candidates who are not favored by the majority of the electorate.

The U.S. Virgin Islands will use ranked-choice voting for the first time in a Republican presidential nominating contest on Feb. 8.

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Week of January 21

State Senate panel presses ahead with bill that would ban ranked choice voting in Georgia

Georgia Recorder | January 24, 2024

The Georgia Senate Ethics Committee advanced a bill Tuesday that would ban election officials in Georgia from adopting an instant runoff system that allows voters to rank candidates by preference to determine the outcome of elections.

The Senate Bill 355 measure passed the Senate panel by an 8-1 vote following hour-long testimony and debate on whether the state should take a preemptive strike banning a ranked choice voting method that’s becoming more common in municipal elections across the nation and is the way candidates are elected in states like Alaska.

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Ahead of ranked-choice voting in Evanston in 2025, Illinois sees push for electoral reform

The Daily Northwestern | January 24, 2024

In November 2022, Evanston residents voted overwhelmingly for a referendum adopting a ranked-choice voting method for municipal elections starting in 2025, making Evanston the first city in the state to do so.

Now, the movement has gained traction as organizers across Illinois advocate for ranked-choice voting in statewide elections, and a new Illinois legislative task force is assessing the idea.

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County Board: Decision on ranked-choice voting to come next month

Gazette Leader | January 23, 2024

What any final action will look like remains up in the air, but Arlington County Board members on Jan. 23 committed to addressing, within a month, the potential change to ranked-choice voting for Arlington County Board general elections.

Board members in December approved a change from winner-take-all to ranked-choice voting for all future state-run County Board primaries (which in Arlington is likely only to impact Democrats), but owing to what appear to have been a number of legal-advertising issues will not be able to take up the matter as it relates to general elections until the board’s February meeting.

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Oklahoma lawmaker aims to prevent ranked-choice voting, claiming confusion and delays

KOKH-TV | January 23, 2024

An Oklahoma lawmaker wants to outlaw ranked-choice voting in Oklahoma.

The state currently does not have ranked-choice voting, but efforts have been pushed to change that.

Rep. Eric Roberts (R-Oklahoma City) filed two pieces of legislation to ensure it never comes to the state.

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Week of January 14

Initiative could open up Idaho's primary & allow ranked choice voting

KBOI | January 17, 2024

An Idaho ballot measure could soon open up Idaho's primaries and allow for ranked choice voting to take place in the state.

Idahoans for Open Primaries recently announced they've collected 50,000 signatures from Idaho voters to get the initiative on the ballot this November.

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Campaign to repeal ranked-choice voting in Alaska submits signatures

Ballotpedia News | January 17, 2024

In Alaska, a campaign supporting an initiative to repeal top-four ranked-choice voting (RCV) submitted 41,895 signatures on Jan. 12. The initiative could appear on the general election ballot in Nov.

In 2020, voters approved Ballot Measure 2, which replaced partisan primaries with open top-four primaries and established ranked-choice voting for general elections, including the presidential election. Ballot Measure 2 received 50.55% of the vote.

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Georgia Republicans Introduce Bill To Stop Ranked-Choice Voting From ‘Disenfranchising’ Voters

The Federalist | January 17, 2024

Georgia Lt. Gov. Burt Jones and state Senate Republicans introduced a measure on Tuesday to prohibit the use of ranked-choice voting (RCV) in elections.

Under RCV, often dubbed “rigged-choice voting” by its critics, voters rank candidates in order of preference. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of first-choice votes in the first round of voting, the last-place finisher is eliminated, and his votes are reallocated to the voter’s second-choice candidate. This process continues until one candidate receives a majority of votes.

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Is ranked choice voting constitutional in Connecticut? Attorney General Tong issues opinion

WTNH | January 16, 2024

Does Connecticut’s state constitution allow for ranked choice voting?

Connecticut’s constitution doesn’t allow it, but neither does it ban ranked choice voting for the state’s higher offices, according to a formal opinion issued by Connecticut Attorney General William Tong on Tuesday.

Tong wrote that it’s a “complex and novel question” in response to Speaker of the House Matt Ritter’s (D-District 1) inquiry.

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Week of January 7

Democrats Are Forcing Ranked-Choice Voting On Alaskans Who Oppose It

The Federalist | January 10, 2024

Efforts to repeal ranked-choice voting (RCV) in Alaska are proving confusing, and chaotic — just like RCV itself. But a disturbing question lies just beyond the pro-RCV and anti-election lobby smoke bombs: Does the Alaskan government have a tacit hand in silencing concerned citizens?

Ranked-choice voting is profoundly complicated to explain, which in itself should be a giant red flag. It is a proposed change to our voting system pushed nationwide by some Republican operatives as well as left-wing organizations determined to influence election outcomes through process changes — funded by politically power-hungry billionaires (see Gehl and Arnold funding).

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Top-five primary bill debated in committee

WisPolitics | January 10, 2024

Proponents of a bipartisan bill to implement top-five primaries and instant runoff voting in Wisconsin congressional races argued the change would ensure the candidates with the broadest appeal end up in office.

Meanwhile, others during Tuesday’s Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections hearing criticized the process as confusing and argued the proposal would prevent all voters’ voices from being heard.

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JASON SNEAD: Don’t Open This Pandora’s Box Of Voter Confusion

The Daily Caller | January 7, 2024

Ranked-choice voting activists are working overtime to push their new voting scheme into key states across the country. Their latest target: Wisconsin, where RCV activists are using a legislative hearing this week to push their voting scheme in the face of conservative attempts to ban it in the state.

With RCV, voters rank candidates in order of preference. If no candidate receives a majority of the vote, RCV manufactures one. The candidate with the fewest first place votes is eliminated. Ballots that listed that candidate first are redistributed to the next choice. If the voter did not rank anyone else, their ballot is “exhausted” and thrown out. This is how RCV manufactures a majority winner.

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Week of December 31

Lawmakers consider ranked choice voting proposal

Spectrum News 1 | January 4, 2024

A new way of electing public officials, ranked choice voting, is gaining a foothold around the country. Advocates of making Wisconsin the latest state to adopt it say it would counter the increase in political partisanship that often prevents lawmakers from getting things done.

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Bill looks to ban ranked-choice voting in the Buckeye State

Spectrum News 1 | January 3, 2024

As the new year begins, Ohioans can expect a busy year at the polls.

The normal voting process in the state allows individuals to choose one candidate they would like to see in office. However, in a process called ranked-choice voting, voters get to rank all the candidates on the ballot. The process has not been used in Ohio since the 1960s, and now a bill at the Statehouse is looking to ban the system in the Buckeye State.

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OPINION: The tale of battling Alaska’s Ranked-Choice Voting Dragon

Alaska Watchman | January 2, 2024

In a land of breathtaking mountains and icy wonders, a story unfolds – a tale of determination and unity among the people of Alaska. This is the story of how over 700 Alaskan volunteers, driven by a shared purpose, embarked on a quest to challenge the mighty Ranked Choice Voting Dragon. It began as a murmur among the people, a shared sentiment that grew into a roaring call for change.

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