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Ranked-Choice Voting News Roundup - April 2024

by Staff

Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we highlight the top stories surrounding ranked-choice voting—both opposing and supporting—throughout the nation.

Week of April 7

Youngkin Vetoes ‘Disastrous’ Bill Expanding Ranked-Choice Voting In Virginia

The Federalist | April 11, 2024

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin vetoed a Democrat-backed bill Monday aimed at expanding the use of ranked-choice voting (RCV) in Virginia elections.

“A heightened risk of mistakenly erroneous ballot submissions raises concerns about disenfranchisement and an increased lack of voter confidence in election results,” Youngkin wrote. “Before RCV is further institutionalized and regulated at the Virginia Department of Elections, the legitimate questions of voters need to be answered.”

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Missouri Senate Passes Amendment Banning Non-U.S. Citizens From Voting, Eliminating Ranked-Choice Voting

The Daily Wire | April 10, 2024

The Missouri Senate approved a constitutional amendment to ban non-U.S. citizens from voting and also ban ranked-choice voting.

The bill, SJR 78, if passed by the Missouri House, would present the amendment on the November ballot.

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More cities could approve ranked choice voting if they choose to if bill in state legislature passes

CBS News | April 9, 2024

Only five cities have ranked choice voting for their local elections, but some state lawmakers want to give more communities that option.

The system works like this: Voters can choose a few candidates and rank them according to their preference. If a candidate gets a majority – 50% +1 — they win outright.

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The Left’s latest scheme to permanently change elections in America

Washington Examiner | April 9, 2024

Imagine a Super Bowl referee bending the rules to give his favorite team the win. Few would call that fair. Yet that is precisely what the Left wants to do to America’s elections. From noncitizen voting to lawsuits inviting activist judges to rewrite our election laws, left-wing activists are taking every opportunity to change elections permanently for partisan gain.

Their latest tactic is to undermine the basic principle of “one person, one vote” with a new scheme called ranked choice voting.

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Week of March 31

Senate approves resolution on Election Night to ban ranked choice voting

Columbia Missourian | April 3, 2024

The Missouri Senate gave initial approval to a resolution Tuesday that would ban ranked choice voting in the state. If approved by the House, it would be sent to the ballot for voters to decide on later this year.

Senate joint resolution (SJR) 78, introduced by Sen. Ben Brown, R-Washington, would also ban noncitizens from voting in any elections within Missouri, including local and county elections. This is already law.

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RCV bans and repeals advancing at higher rate than new authorizations

Ballotpedia News | April 2, 2024

More ranked-choice voting (RCV) bans and repeals are advancing in comparison with new authorizations during 2024 state legislative sessions.

Forty bills this year would ban or repeal uses of RCV, while 69 would establish a new use of RCV. Prospective bans make up a greater share of bills that have passed at least one chamber of a legislature. All figures are as of March 29, 2024.

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Ranked-Choice Voting: Coming Soon to a State Near You, and How Alaska Fought Back

RedState | April 1, 2024

Alaskans have had two elections under ranked-choice voting (RCV), and we've had two great lessons on how awful a system it is. Fortunately, someone stepped up to do something about it: Phil Izon of Alaskans for Honest Elections. On Monday, the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) released their interview with Mr. Izon, describing in detail how RCV was pushed on Alaska, how he decided to fight back, how he got a repeal on the ballot for this fall — and in so doing provided a blueprint for other states faced with this terrible idea

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Ranked-choice voting: What is it? And why should you care? It's likely coming to a ballot near you

Idaho News 6 | April 1, 2024

Idaho will likely decide in November if it wants open primaries and ranked-choice voting. The group gathering signatures for the ballot initiative that combines the two says it's very close to having enough. Ranked-choice voting is where voters rank their candidates. If their top choice finishes last, their second choice is then factored in and the process continues until one candidate wins more than 50% of the vote.

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Week of March 24

Judge dismisses lawsuit against D.C. ranked-choice voting ballot measure

The Washington Post | March 29, 2024

SA ballot initiative that would bring ranked-choice voting to D.C. and allow independent voters to participate in party primaries cleared another hurdle Thursday when a D.C. Superior Court judge dismissed a lawsuit attempting to block the measure. Fast, informative and written just for locals. Get The 7 DMV newsletter in your inbox every weekday morning.

In a ruling filed Thursday, Judge Carl E. Ross determined that the lawsuit was filed prematurely and affirmed the city’s motion to dismiss the case.

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Letter: Ban ranked-choice voting in Oklahoma

Tulsa World | March 28, 2024

Oklahoma House members passed House Bill 3156 to protect our elections from ranked-choice voting, the disastrous scheme wreaking havoc on the East and West coasts. Now the Senate must act.

RCV confuses voters and paves the way for fringe candidates. Instead of “one person, one vote,” RCV makes us rank candidates from best to worst, even candidates we’ve never heard of.

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Illinois task force studying 'ranked choice voting' nears the end of its work

WBBM Newsradio | March 26, 2024

An Illinois task force is nearing the end of its study of the potential use of “Ranked Choice Voting” for the 2028 presidential primaries.

The panel has been discussing the issue and hearing from election experts about the voting method, in which voters rank candidates in the order of their preference.

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SARA FRANKENSTEIN: Illinois Task Force Hearing Exposes Ranked-Choice Voting as a Power Grab by Liberal Elites

The Daily Caller | March 24, 2024

Even at a time when our nation is deeply divided, Americans of all political stripes can agree we don’t like political elites trying to tell us what to do. It is fundamentally un-American.

But Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) is exactly that – an attempt by liberal elites to quash the voices of political opponents they consider “extreme” and give candidates they deem more acceptable an unfair electoral advantage.

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Week of March 17

Democrat Bills To Expand Ranked-Choice Voting And Make IDs Less Secure Are Sitting On Youngkin’s Desk

The Federalist | March 22, 2024

Several of the election process changes pushed mostly by Democrats across the nation threaten to disenfranchise legal voters. The confusing process of ranked-choice voting creates the possibility that a voter’s ballot will be trashed, and the removal of safeguards against noncitizen voting increases the likelihood that an eligible voter’s ballot could be canceled out by an illegal vote. Both issues are now under the spotlight in Virginia, as bills relating to each await Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s veto.

The bills were part of a handful of bills sent to Youngkin’s desk from the Democrat-controlled legislature that would make Virginia elections less secure. Thankfully, one has already met Youngkin’s veto pen.

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Louisiana Republicans Pass Bill Ensuring Ranked-Choice Voting Can’t Disenfranchise Voters

The Federalist | March 20, 2024

The Republican-controlled Louisiana Senate advanced legislation on Wednesday prohibiting the use of ranked-choice voting in elections.

SB 101 stipulates that a “ranked-choice voting or instant runoff voting method … shall not be used in determining the election or nomination of any candidate to any local, state, or federal elective office in this state.” The measure would, however, allow the system to be used “for absentee voting by military and overseas voters pursuant to the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.”

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Idaho open primaries supporters say they are on the brink of qualifying ballot initiative

Idaho Capital Sun | March 19, 2024

Supporters of the proposed open primary ballot initiative in Idaho say they could be days away from surpassing the signature requirements to qualify their initiative for the November general election.

Supporters have until May 1 to turn in signatures from 6% of registered Idaho voters statewide and from 6% of registered voters in 18 of the state’s 35 legislative districts. In order to reach the statewide requirement, supporters need about 63,000 signatures.

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CCX Media | March 18, 2024

A Twin Cities northwest metro lawmaker has proposed legislation to allow cities to adopt ranked-choice voting if they so choose.

Rep. Cedrick Frazier, DFL-New Hope, is chief author of the “Local Voices, Local Choices Act.”

Ranked-choice voting allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference. Election results are then tabulated in a series of rounds, eliminating candidates based on the strength of voter rankings until candidates reach an established threshold of votes necessary for election.

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Week of March 10

Republicans Advance Bill To Keep Oklahoma Elections Free Of Ranked-Choice Voting Chaos

The Federalist | March 14, 2024

Oklahoma’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed legislation on Wednesday prohibiting the use of ranked-choice voting in elections.

HB 3156 stipulates that “[n]o election conducted by the State Election Board, a county election board, or any municipality authorized to conduct elections in Oklahoma shall use ranked choice voting, ranked voting, proportional ranked voting, preferential voting, or instant runoff voting.” The measure passed in a 63-16 vote, with Republican Rep. Marcus McEntire and 15 Democrats opposing.

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Under legislation winning strong approval in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, state elections could not shift to a “ranked choice” model that has caused significant problems in other states.

House Bill 3156, by state Rep. Eric Roberts, would ban the use of ranked-choice voting in Oklahoma.

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Ban on ranked-choice voting approved by Senate committee

The Center Square | March 13, 2024

Ranked-choice voting, ballot harvesting and other election bills were approved on Wednesday by the Louisiana Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs.

Several bills were reported favorably by the committee.

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Alaskans to vote on a ballot initiative to repeal ranked-choice voting in Nov. 2024

Ballotpedia News | March 12, 2024

In Alaska, a ballot initiative to repeal top-four primaries and ranked-choice voting (RCV) qualified for the general election ballot on March 8. The initiative will appear on the ballot for Nov. 5, 2024, unless the legislature adjourns on or before April 22, in which case the initiative could appear on the ballot for Aug. 20, 2024. The legislature is expected to adjourn around May 15.

The campaign Alaskans for Honest Elections submitted 41,349 signatures for the ballot initiative. The Alaska Division of Elections reported that 37,043 signatures were valid, and the signature distribution requirement was met. At least 26,705 signatures needed to be valid.

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Week of March 3

What is ranked-choice voting and where does it stand in Wisconsin?

PBS Wisconsin | March 7, 2024

When it comes to ranked-choice voting, you probably either love it, hate it, don’t really get it or maybe you’ve never even heard of it.

If you’re in those last two categories, here’s a brief explanation.

Just like it sounds, ranked-choice voting has voters rank the candidates in preference from most favorite to least favorite. If one candidate has more than 50% of the first-place votes in the first round, they win immediately. If not, the candidate who receives the fewest first-place votes is eliminated. Then, the votes from those ballots which had their first-choice eliminated get moved to their second-choice candidate. This elimination process repeats until one candidate gets more than 50% support.

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Watch How Ranked-Choice Voting Complicates Elections And Disenfranchises Voters

The Federalist | March 6, 2024

Ranked-choice voting (RCV) leads to voter disenfranchisement and chaotic elections, a newly released video shows.

Under RCV, voters rank candidates in order of preference. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of first-choice votes in the first round of voting, the last-place finisher is eliminated, and his votes are reallocated to the voter’s second-choice candidate. This process continues until one candidate receives a majority of votes.

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Bill eliminating drop boxes, banning ranked-choice voting passes Iowa House

The Center Square | March 5, 2024

A bill that would eliminate ballot drop boxes and ban ranked-choice voting passed the Iowa House of Representatives on Tuesday.

House File 2610 shortens the time absentee ballots can be received in county election offices from when polls close on election day to 5 p.m. on the day before the election.

Rep. Amy Nielsen, D-North Liberty, said the bill would suppress voter turnout.

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