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For Immediate Release

Alabama joins the long list of states that have banned RCV

by Staff

Last Friday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill to ban ranked-choice voting. This makes Alabama the eighth state to ban the confusing election scheme. Governor Ivey said the bill is “another step towards ensuring the confidence in our elections,” and noted that RCV “makes winners out of losers.”

Jason Snead and Trent England are the co-chairmen of the national Stop Ranked-Choice Voting Coalition. They thanked legislators and Gov. Ivey for protecting the integrity of their state’s elections:

“The Alabama Legislature and Governor Ivey took a big step to protect voters by banning RCV, a convoluted and broken election system being pushed by left-wing billionaires.” - Jason Snead, co-chairman of the Stop RCV Coalition and Executive Director of the Honest Elections Project

“Alabamans are more likely to have trustworthy, timely, and accurate elections without RCV. A few years ago, no states had banned RCV, and now there are eight. I predict more states will follow their lead.”- Trent England, co-chairman of the Stop RCV Coalition and Executive Director of Save Our States

Senate Bill SB186 explicitly prohibits RCV except for some overseas voters who use a version of the system under existing state law. In addition to Alabama, RCV is banned in Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Montana, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Kentucky. A ban has also passed the Mississippi Legislature and is awaiting the governor’s signature.

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For Immediate Release

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For Immediate Release

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