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Massachusetts Attorney General rejects ranked-choice voting ballot proposal

by Harry Roth

Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell has rejected the Boston ranked-choice voting ballot proposal put forth by progressive advocates and organizations.

The Massachusetts State Constitution is clear. Failed ballot measures cannot be repackaged and pushed on voters a second time. Boston voters can rest easy knowing they won’t be subject to technical glitches, ballot exhaustion, and election delays in the future.

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance spokesman Paul Diego had this to say about the Attorney General's rejection of the ballot proposal:

“The proponents of ranked choice voting were trying to circumvent the state constitution in order to spam voters with another ballot question on ranked choice voting, even though voters soundly rejected this policy in 2020. The state constitution protects voters from situations just like this and the Fiscal Alliance Foundation was happy to play a significant part in ensuring the Attorney General’s office came to the correct decision,”

All over the country, ranked-choice voting has been rejected by state legislatures, voters, and now, attorneys general. Pro-RCV organizations and activists should take a step back and reconsider pushing their ill-fated scheme on the general public.

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