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For Immediate Release

Mississippi becomes the ninth state to ban RCV

by Staff

This past Monday, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signed a bill to ban ranked-choice voting, making his state the ninth to ban the broken system. Senate Bill 2144 prohibits the use of RCV in state, county, local, municipal, and school district elections.

Jason Snead and Trent England are the co-chairmen of the national Stop Ranked-Choice Voting Coalition.. They thanked Mississippi legislators and Gov. Reeves for protecting the integrity of their state’s election.

“Gov. Reeves made the right decision by signing Senate Bill 2144 into law. Ranked-choice voting has done nothing but disenfranchise voters by exhausting their ballots, delaying election results, and creating longer lines at the polls.”- Jason Snead, co-chairman of the Stop RCV Coalition and Executive Director of the Honest Elections Project

“By banning ranked-choice voting, the Mississippi State Legislator and Gov. Reeves have taken a stand against a dangerous and untrustworthy election trend. It seems like banning ranked-choice voting has become more popular than implementing it.”- Trent England, co-chairman of the Stop RCV Coalition and Executive Director of Save Our States

As it stands today, nine states have banned ranked-choice voting. We’ll continue to keep you updated as more states join the movement to stop RCV.

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